Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red Zinger @ Vail

Shot on 2.28.10 in the Back Bowls. First day on skis for me in two years.


It is quite literally taking every fiber of my being to write this post. I can't remember the last time I was this tired. 1st day back on the slopes in two years and it didn't disappoint. Nick and Mike and I went up early without Amanda who was nursing an altitude headache. We started over in Lionshead and made our way along the mountain's ridge doing nothing but bomber, top to bottom groomer runs.
Snow was really good in some places and a little baked in others. Great to get back out there with the boys but the altitude just wipes you out. We met up with Amanda at Two Elks Lodge for lunch and when we left the lodge we were all so tried we skied right to the bottom (slowly) and took the bus back to the car.
Mike and Nick have both left and Amanda and I are both sitting in a sort of daze watching the Vancouver Closing Ceremonies. It's been a great Olympics. I will miss it.
More I hope tomorrow. Just Amanda and I so it should be a bit slower of a day

Lunch @ Two Elk

On the lift...

With nick and mike

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Where's Oz???

This video is a bit out of sequence with the rest of our trip but I wanted to share a snippit of our ride thru Kansas. Taken between 4-6pm on 2/26/10. Edited with iphone.

Lunch with the Bohrman's

Front Range

Finally, after nearly 20hrs in the car and 1400 miles, the CO Front
Range is in sight.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodland, KS

Finally out of the car for the night. At the Comfort Inn in Goodland, KS which is 17 miles from the KS/CO  border. Only about 5 1/2 hours to Vail from here so tomorrow should be a casual drive day. Total of 14 hours & 20 minutes today from Clarksville to here.

We made it into the Mountain Time zone but did not do 1k miles which blows my mind. I have always wanted to do an "Iron Butt" which is a 1k miles on a motorcycle in one day. I think I am going to rethink that goal.
Kansas is an amazing picture of vastness. It is simply huge and no real interesting landscape features to speak of. I can't help but think of every post-apocolypic Hollywood film that takes place in a Kansas type of environment. What happened so badly during the apocalypse that it forced all the survivors to move to Kansas?
Our dinner at IHOP in Hays was one of the most depressing meals Amanda and I have every eaten. Not only was the food barely edible, everyone sitting at the restaurant seemed to be either as road weary as us or spending their Friday night at IHOP which suggests they must be living on one of Dante's levels of hell. Poor Amanda said if she didn't live till breakfast, that would be her last meal which made her very sad.
Still on East time so it's midnight and my brain hurts. Hopefully the drive will be as smooth tomorrow.

1111.1 Miles...

...from Asheville. Some where in Central Kansas.


Central Kansas Windfarm

Kansas Sunset

Hays Kansas

It is 8:10 and I am sitting in an IHOP off Rt70 in Hays, Kansas. This
state is truely a marval of vastness. I thought I was prepared to
tackle it in KC and when we looked at the map amd had just crossed
over the center of the two page atlas, I got severly depressed.
Food just came...

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Gateway to the West

Meet me in St. Louie

At a rest stop about 30miles east of St. Louis. Seem to be making
pretty good time. Not a whole lot of traffic and so far beautiful
Sorry we haven't taken any pictures but there is really not much to
show. Lots of farm land but now we are starting to see the little
individual oil thingys that remind me of ducks pecking the water.

Lunch after St Louis and maybe an update.

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Last Train To Clarksville

Long...long day ahead...

CO Trip begins...

Leaving Asheville... late... hoping to make it far into TN. Little nervous about this daunting drive.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vail or Bust!!!

Amanda and I are headed to Vail. Our plan is to drive thru at least one timezone tonight (Thursday the 25th) and then really bust it tomorrow to try and get thru Kansas. That will leave us with a short drive to Vail on Saturday.

I think this is going to be a pretty epic adventure so stay tuned. We will update from the road and the slopes as much as possible. Hopefully we'll have photos & videos to keep you interested. It will really all depend on what kind of internet connections we have.

Wish us luck on the road!!!