Sunday, March 07, 2010

Denver to Marion, Il

Long, long day yesterday. The 3rd and final push to Asheville is today. Hope to make it in less than 8 hours. The blog is a little out of whack because I finally have a really good connection at this Holiday Inn and could post a bunch of videos. The iPhone is the perfect tool for travel blogging. Cant wait to use it in Europe. Thanks to all of you who have been following. I'll add some edited videos in the next few weeks> Our next big adventure will be a Hot Air Balloon ride so look for that coming up this spring.

More wind farm

Kansas wind farm

I took some pics of this heading west but it was getting dark. During the day this farm went on for 20 or more miles I'd say. Bigger than the one in PA that my Dad and I saw.

Middle of Kansas.

Dead Center of Kansas

Just what the title says. This rest stop was right on the spine of our atlas.

Leaving Denver

Leg #2 begins. The long trek across Kansas.

Gallon of ice cream

I swear I didn't think this three scoop fudge brownie Sundae would be
this big. When the 17 year old employee said he had never had that
request I should have known better. Almost finished it though.

Dinner in Denver

At a great Mexican resturante with nick and Dave. Carne adovada!!!

Goodbye Vail

On the road. Leg number #1. Nice to say we took a few runs before driving back to NC.

Looking back up

At vail on last time.

The Last Run

Coming down the mountain after a great last day on the slopes.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

East of the Mississippi

Sitting at an Applebees east of St. Louis. We are both tired and
feeling good. Going to shoot for Paduca, KY which will leave only 7hrs
for tomorrow. Home in time to watch some Oscar red carpet.
Waiting a while now for our food. It's never quick to sit and eat on
the road.

Sent from my iPhone

No turning back

Fueling up in Colby, KS

Friday, March 05, 2010

Well hello there...

Outside the Red Lion in Vail

Lunch at the Red Lion

Just had our last vail run, now our vail lunch.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dinner with the Hodges

Mac and Sue say "see you a month from tomorrow."

What a bargin...

Only at Beaver Creek

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Amanda's new Pati

A-Basin Teaser

I have tons of video and pictures from today to sift thru. This is nearly a taste of our day at the Basin!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I tried...

...but couldn't finish this caraf of sake. I will tell you that Amanda
is driving home.

Osaki dinner

Sushi and a little to much sake. Thanks Mike!!!

Vail Day 3

3.2.10 Beautiful Day in Vail. Dropped my glove in the toilet and still managed to have some of the best runs in memory. Getting a little tired by the end though which you'll plainly see.

I shot the video using a ContourHD 1080p using the 720 @ 60fps setting. I forgot to align the camera with the lasers and didn't think about it all day. I am sorry about the weird letterbox but is less annoying than tilting your head to the side.

Beautiful Bells Camp

After lunch, after the glove disaster. How could one be upset on a day as pretty as this!!!

Bad Luck in Blue Sky Part 2

No big deal. I skied the rest of the day. It was beautiful out.

Bad Luck in Bells Camp Part 1

Lost in the abyss...

Mt Holy Cross

Lunch at Blue Sky Basin on an unbelivable day!!!

1st Chair

Another banner bluebird day at Vail

Monday, March 01, 2010

Thanks Mac

This resturant was the best meal we've had since leaving Asheville.

Power Dinner

The GasHouse

What's left of our dinner at The GasHouse in Edwards. Reccomended by
Mac Hodge. This is just what we need. Meat & potatos. Gonna be a blue
bird CO day tomorrow and A-Basin on Wednesday!!!


Vail 3/1/10

Gummie Bears

The staple of any good day on the slopes!!!

View from Eagles Nest

Amanda on Avanti