Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010

7/1 Addendum

Last evening, after packing, showering and generally relaxing, we hopped back on the bikes one last time for a ride up the hill in Heidelberg to a large bier garden which sat right on the edge of a beautiful cow pasture. According to Stefan the bier garden was a few hundred years old and had been in the same family throughout it's entire history.

I had not yet had what I would consider to be really touristy traditional German food and asked Stefan what he'd recommend. He told me the house speciality was beef which came from the cattle we were watching graze in the pasture next to the garden. I ordered pan fried steak in a horseradish sauce with potatoes and a salad. It was delicious. I also broke a personal cardinal rule and had one beer with dinner which I normally never, ever do when having to mount a motorcycle. I figured I'd make one exception in this case as I was at my last bier garden and hopefully the full plate of German food would not leave my belly empty with only alcohol.

It was a wonderful dinner under the trees with a gorgeous sunset and just before dark we headed back down the hill to the B&B. The bikes now safely returned to their owners hands, Stefan built a bonfire and we had  beers and good talk about everything from the German's feelings about WWII to communication with foreigners. All and all it was the best end to the trip I could ask for and now I am mentally preparing for the long flight home.

Thank you Europe for all your kindness, smooth roads and good food. Thank you Stefan for such reliable bikes and being a wonderful first impression.

Most of all, Thank You Dad, for taking me on this journey of a lifetime!!!

Auf Wiedersehen